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Thank you for choosing to be a coach at YRSA! We appreciate you sharing your time and expertise with your players. Below are some Coaches Resources for you that you can use in your coaching journey, and if you have any questions, most likely, the answers will be found here. If not, feel free to contact us!

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Active Start Workshop

Active Start is an NCCP-approved Canada Soccer Grassroots Coach Education Workshop. You can now take these courses online! This allows you to work at your own pace to complete the course material. In addition, there is an in-person, on-field practical session that will round out this workshop. This in-person session is three hours long.

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FUNdamentals Workshop

FUNdamentals is an NCCP-approved Canada Soccer Grassroots Coach Education Workshop. This wonderful soccer workshop is also available online for self-paced learning. You will have an in-person, on-field practical session that will last approximately four hours. This session will help teach you the ABCS of movement: agility, balance, coordination, and speed, as well as offer helpful tips on how to explain soccer to children.

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Learn to Train Workshop

Soccer for Life is an NCCP-approved Canada Soccer Grassroots Coach Education Workshop. The main focus of this soccer course is to help with technical and tactical development within the 11-a-side game environment. Included is a six-hour, in-person, on-field practical session that will help you understand highly technical skills and be better at developing your players in these skills.

What You'll Learn

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Team Tactics

Learning the basics of how to organize and lead your youth soccer team to success on the field. You will learn how to set up formations and build a successful game strategy.

Player Development

Understanding the different stages of development for youth soccer players and how to best help them improve their skills and knowledge of the game. You will also learn about the importance of injury prevention, nutrition, and fitness for your players.

Match Analysis

Learning how to analyze a soccer match and identify areas of improvement for your team. You will learn how to evaluate performance and make adjustments to your strategy and tactics.

Coaching Philosophy

Developing your own coaching philosophy and style of play for your team, as well as the ethical considerations and responsibilities of being a soccer coach.

Mental Training

Understanding the importance of mental training and learning how to help your soccer players stay focused and motivated.

There are a variety of other topics that you may learn, depending on the course you take. However, the topics listed above will give you a good foundation to become a successful soccer coach. With the right coaching course and dedication, you can become an expert in the sport and help your team achieve success. Sign up for a soccer course today!

Thank You for Coaching

Soccer coaching is a rewarding and challenging profession. As a soccer coach, you will be responsible for teaching the fundamentals of the game to your players, helping them develop their skills and tactics, and ultimately leading them to success on the field. We here at YRSA thank you for helping youth grow in their soccer development and skills and for teaching them the passion of the game.

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