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YRSL 2023 Playing Nights

U8 Festivals (2015) Saturday

BU9 (2014) Thursday / GU9 (2014) Monday

BU10 (2013) Tuesday / GU10 (2013) Wednesday

BU11 (2012) Wednesday / GU11 (2012) Thursday

BU12 (2011) Monday / GU12 (2011) Tuesday

BU12 (2011) black div Saturday / GU12 black div (2011) Saturday

BU13 (2010) Monday / GU13 (2010) Tuesday

BU14 (2009) Thursday / GU14 (2009) Monday

BU15 (2008) Wednesday / GU15 (2008) Wednesday

BU16 (2007) Monday / GU16 (2007) Thursday

BU17 (2006) Wednesday / GU17 (2006) Monday

BU18 (2005) Thursday / GU18 (2005) Wednesday

Discipline Days

Tuesdays and Thursdays

U8 Festivals


In support of Long-Term Player Development , “Festivals” are the only form of competition for players in the Under-8 age group and form of competition for the U9-U12 age groups. This document has been prepared to assist District Associations, Clubs and Academies to understand why a festival playing format is of a greater benefit to individual player development and, most importantly, ensures all young players have fun. Please use this document and other associated resources (outlined below) to help educate coaches and parents alike so they understand that these changes are in the best interests of their children that play soccer.


“No Scores, No Standings and No Trophies”“No Scores,

No Standings and No Trophies” At this stage, individual player development is paramount. Coaches and teachers should create a stimulating learning environment where the atmosphere is “Freedom and Fun” without the players and coaches bearing the expectations of trying to win games and prioritizing results of games over individual player development. The philosophy underlying the Festival format is to focus on FUNdamentals and emphasize skill development and movement through games and activities that promote a feel for the ball, while teaching basic principles of play within a fun but structured environment.

Grassroots Festival Guide

A comprehensive guide to help planners ensure successful Festivals.

Festival Guide

U8 Festivals dates

Outdoor 2023

Saturday, May 27th – Glen Shields

Saturday, June 10th – East Gwillimbury

Saturday, June 24th – Umsc

Saturday, July 8th – Glen Shields

Saturday, July 22 – Glen Shields

Saturday, August 12th – Ssc

Saturday, August 19th – IFC

Saturday, September 9th - Thornhill (Bayview Reservoir Park)

Saturday, September 16th - Woodbridge