What is the difference between being mentored and being assessed? +

Mentoring is for a youth or inexperienced referee that will have an experienced official (mentor) arrive at this referee’s game. The mentor will give the referee tips, coach him/her and exchange ideas with the inexperienced referee. The goal is to help the referee learn and improve his/her referee abilities. Assessment is a more formal process with the match official. A referee will ask for an assessment with the goal being to move up a level on ref centre; ie. If a referee is a level 5 and wants to become a level 6, he/she will request an assessment. The assessor will arrive at the referee’s game and assess the referee during his match. If the referee receives a favourable assessment, the referee will be re‐graded to a higher level. Mentoring and assessments are a free service provided to all York Region Referees and all referees should take advantage of this service.